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Characteristics of the Best Health Insurance

Characteristics of the Best Health Insurance

The existence of many health insurance providers  today makes people often confused in determining the best health insurance. This type of insurance will cover your and your family's health costs while experiencing health problems, so everyone must have it.

For those who want to buy insurance, it's best if you know in advance the characteristics of the best health insurance. What are these characteristics? Check out the 5 features below!

Implementing a Cashless Payment System

The first thing that must be considered when choosing an insurance product to guarantee health is the benefits of the payment system. In general, the benefits of this type of insurance are divided into two types, namely reimbursed health insurance and cashless health insurance.

Choose a second payment system to make it easier in the payment process so you don't have to pay all health costs in advance. This fee will be paid by the insurance company. You also simply show the insurance card without the need to pay a down payment.

Has a wide network of hospitals

Unfortunately, the non-cash payment system can only be used at hospitals that have partnered with the insurance company of your choice. This is the reason why you should choose a health insurance company that has an extensive hospital network.

If the insurance of your choice is connected to many hospitals, every customer can easily use the cashless payment system. Conversely, if your insurance does not work with a hospital, then you can use a reimbursement payment system where you must pay all treatment costs in advance.

Has No Limit for Each Treatment

In the insurance system there is a limit or limit the maximum number of claims for your maintenance costs. Insurance companies often apply two types of limits, namely the combined limit for all treatments and the limit per treatment.

Some companies apply the first limit, but it is not uncommon for them to use the second limit system simultaneously. One of the best health insurance features is applying the first limit where the cost of each treatment has no limit. This also makes it easier for the Customer to seek treatment as long as the total limit remains.

Adjusting to the ceiling and premium

Selection of good health insurance must always adjust between your financial situation and the ceiling and premiums offered by the company. For example, if you take a product at a lower price, then you also have to pay additional costs to pay for deficiencies that are not guaranteed by insurance. It should be noted that the higher the price of a hospital room, the higher the ceiling price and premium that must be paid.

Prioritizing Hospitalization

Lastly, focus on choosing Health Insurance that can cover hospitalization costs because the cost of this treatment tends to be higher. A good insurance company usually has two types of treatment, namely outpatient and inpatient care.

Thus, some information about the characteristics of the best health insurance. One health insurance provider in Indonesia that you can consider is Prudential. The reason is, this insurance company has credibility that cannot be doubted.

Prudential itself has a variety of insurance products that offer comprehensive health protection for you and your family. Some of them are PRUPrime Healthcare Plus, PRUPrime Healthcare Plus Syariah, PRUCritical Hospital Cover, PRUHospital and Surgical Cover Plus, and many more.