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How much does car insurance cost?

How much does car insurance cost

The average car insurance cost in the UK is £436 a year, giving an average monthly car insurance cost of £36. But how much does car insurance cost you?

In reality, your car insurance cost could be a lot more or less than £36 per month. Along with the type of car you drive, car insurance cost can vary greatly depending on things like your age, where you live and even your job title.

By age, car insurance cost is highest for younger people. The average car insurance cost is £851 for a 20-year-old versus £486 for a 55-year-old – that’s 75% more!

The average car insurance cost in Greater London is £1006.98 – 57% more than for someone living in the South West of England.

Gender also makes a difference – the average car insurance cost for men is about 20% higher than for women.

How do I get cheap car insurance quotes?

Car insurance quotes are calculated using a string of factors - some simple for you to change, some you can’t easily control - including your age, years of driving experience and where you live. 

But that doesn't mean there aren't ways to get a cheaper car insurance quote and save quite a lot. 

The first thing to do is to check what other providers will offer you using our insurance comparison tool - that way you can see if your provider is offering you a competitive deal.

Read the Key Features document for policies you are considering to ensure that it also offers all of the right coverage for you, so it pays out when you need it. 

If you are renewing your car insurance, it helps to shop around - about three weeks ahead of time ideally - and go back to your current insurer and ask them to beat the best quote you find.

Other ways to cut car insurance costs

  • Pay your premiums annually
Paying car insurance in full for the whole year up front, instead of in monthly instalments, can save you money as you won't be charged interest on them.
  • Make sure you don’t have unnecessary add-ons
Are you paying for add-ons you don’t need or that are covered by other insurance? Could you get separate breakdown or legal cover cheaper elsewhere?
  • Maximise your no-claims discount
When you compare quotes for car insurance, make sure you can carry with you your no-claims bonus – this is the discount given to drivers who don’t claim on their insurance.